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About Us

Since we’ve opened our doors in 2009 we have become deeply integrated within the community, 

from the way we engage with our customers to helping local organizations fundraise, we’ve been involved in it all.

Find out more about us and what we do.



                                                                          a family owned and operated business, opened its doors to the public in 2009. Our idea was to promote good health and well being by creating a place where people of all ages could come to enjoy great tasting and healthy treats.

     In just short time, Chill Frozen Yogurt, Creps & Coffee has developed a reputation for providing the community with health conscious and delicious desserts and foods. Due to the high quality service and cool vibe, our shop has become a popular destination for locals. The word spread quickly, attracting people from all over the greater Los Angeles area.

     Chill Frozen Yogurt, Creps & Coffee has become a community leader in ideals of healthy living. We continually organize local health conscious fundraisers and events in conjunction with other organizations. By providing healthier treats at these events, we are able to convince the public that it is possible to attain a healthy product while maintaining excellent taste. To that end, we actively work with local schools, and teen/youth organizations to provide them with delicious and healthy desserts.

     Our hard work and dedication to our community has paid off in ways we never dreamed of when we first opened. Our wide variety of non-dairy, sugar-free, and all-natural flavors of Frozen Yogurts, Regular and Gluten Free Crepes made so that anyone regardless of health restrictions can enjoy the benefits of our product, which is a key ingredient to our success.

      We are a community-orientated organization that strives to bring the highest quality foods and deserts to our customers in an effort to promote healthy snack choices and fight America’s childhood obesity epidemic. Children are the future leaders of this great country, so it is our responsibility as community leaders to help them make healthier decisions.

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