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 Frozen Yogurt

Our frozen yogurt is crafted to please the most knowledgeable frozen yogurt experts. We rotate our flavors regularly to keep it interesting but we also make sure to keep the most desired flavors readily available, per popular demand. 

Want to know our current flavors at the store?

Give us a call - (818) 762 - 0041

Fruit Toppings

Like to be healthy? We do too! That is why we serve you the freshest cut kiwis, mangos, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. Make your self a guilt-free lower calorie frozen yogurt sunday. But don't forget about those maraschino cherries and a dollop of fresh homemade whipped cream!

Candy Toppings

More than 30 candy toppings? Who can believe it?! Gummy bears, sour gummy cherries, peanut m&ms, organic granola, yogurt pretzels - and that's only the beginning of it! Be careful and hold your self together, because with the amount of toppings we offer, you'll want to get carried away! .. but then again, isn't that just the part of the fun?


We urge you to try as many flavors as you you’d like, they’re all delicious and we know you’ll get hooked!

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