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Chill is filled with diversity so you are sure to find something you like. Staring from our frozen yogurt to sweet and savory crepes with a cup of coffee. You name it, we probably serve it.

 Crepes, Bagles, Sandwiches



Sweet, savory, or any way you like it. Crepes originated in Britain and quickly spread to Paris, France. But who has the time these days to travel to the city of Love? Luckily, these are CHILL Crepes available right around the corner. Made from our "secret" French recipe, our crepes have 100% natural ingredients,so there is no shame in enjoying one whenever you please. Whether it's a "quick lunch", a leisurely dinner, or a snack in-between, CHILL crepes will satisfy even the most discriminating palate!

  Coffee, Smoothies



*yyeeaawwnn* If you're like us, then you rely on your daily dose of your favorite coffee brew, Come in the morning for your favorite coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, blends, specialty teas or an amazing hot cocoa. We've got everything you need to get your "engine going". We  never serve instant coffee, OH NO!

We grind and filter anew batch every cup so you get the most out of every sip.

  Frozen Yogurt



So you say you've had good frozen yogurt before? We don't like to brag (after all, modesty is in our nature) but we think this is the best frozen yogurt you'll find in all of LA. So don't miss out! From low-fat, non-fat to kosher, our yogurt not only tastes good but also is good for you. With over 100 million live and active cultures to help your tummy digest and 1/3 the calories of regular ice-cream, our Fro-Yo will keep your tummy looking good and your taste buds happy, happy, happy! We offer ten flavors to choose from, over thirty toppings, and the possibilities are endless. It's "tasteful pleasure", minus the guilt.

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